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The best refillable CBD cartridge magic stick voltage adjustable CBD vape pen

CBD oil refillable 1.0ml, 1.3Ω, battery rechargeable, 450mah, 510 thread to fix all kind of atomizers on the market

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The best refillable CBD cartridge magic stick voltage adjustable CBD vape pen


Vaping mode:pushing the power button gently(manual)

Battery capacity:450mAh

Voltage output:3.3-4.8V

Coil resistance:standard 1.3Ω

Charging function:thread charging 4.2V 420mA

Charging time:2-2.5 hours

Inhaling protection time:10 seconds

Voltage-setting:Turn the adjustable resistor at the bottom to set the output voltage.

Preheating time:the time of 2V output is 15 seconds.

Turn on/off:pushing the power button five times in 2 seconds.

Product size:144×12.5×12.5mm


Packing size:120×70×38mm


Warranty:12 months

CBD oil refillable 1.0ml, 1.3Ω, battery rechargeable, 450mah, 510 thread to fix all kind of atomizers on the market; ceramic mouthpiece, ceramic coil, top refilling, glass tank, the CBD oil intake holes are down to the bottom base so there is no oil waste, pre-heating function for the different ratio of CBD/THC oil, voltage changeable from 3.3-4.8V to vape thick and thin CBD/THC oil,

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